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WolfQuest: Amethyst Mountain Deluxe™

WolfQuest: Amethyst Mountain is the final title of the first official release of the first episode. Amethyst Mountain is a location in Yellowstone National Park, where the game is based on. You start as a two-year old dispersal grey wolf with a journey ahead of you- to seek a dispersal mate, with whom you will begin to form a pack with in future episodes.

The final version of Amethyst Mountain is known as Amethyst Mountain Deluxe, and featured several bugfixes and improvements overall. The last standalone release was version 1.6.4, now obsolete following the release of Survival of the Pack, which comes bundled with ever-improving versions of Amethyst Mountain per update.


The game is based in Amethyst Mountain, an area in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.[1][2] As the game is based on a real area, the development of the game shows likenesses to the actual area. During 1988, a forest fire ravaged the park, leaving trees charred and barren. The damage can even be observed in-game, since players can find acres of land with barren, pale trees marked on the map as The Burn.[3]

The player has a primary objective throughout the first quest: find a mate. Secondary and completely optional objectives exist as a challenge for the player -- hunting elk and hares or chasing off predators, such as coyotes and bears, or fighting or fleeing from stranger wolves encountered on your journey.

The primary objective involves exploring the three wolf territories to find a dispersal wolf of the opposite gender to your wolf who will become your wolf's mate.


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There are two variants of the Amethyst Mountain game world: one specific to single player mode, and the other specific to multiplayer mode. Both maps are consistently set during fall, during the month of October.


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Customization screen. (Click to enlarge.)

Players can customize their wolf avatar from five pelt colours. These are grey, tan, timber, black and white, 

adjusting tint and lightness/darkness to suit their preference, modifying their wolf's stats - a selection between three tuners: stamina, speed and strength - and selecting their wolf's name and gender.

When customization is complete, the player may begin their adventure in the paws of a Grey wolf and start the quest to finding their mate.

Demo Version

The first public release of Amethyst Mountain was a demo; many things were different in the demo than they are today, such as controls, the game's environment, artificial intelligence and behaviour of NPCs. In the past, coyotes could steal your prey mid-hunt.[4]

It's advised that the player stays up-to-date with the most recent version for bug patches and compatibility, as multiplayer does not work for previous versions of the game. Just the current version available.


Demo image.


Amethyst Mountain is home to a number of animals.

Ravens were introduced with the Survival of the Pack expansion.

The player should not attempt to eat from a carcass if a bear is nearby, as he will become aggressive if the player comes within range of the carcass he is guarding. Otherwise, bears are passive of the player if no carcasses are nearby for them to scavenge from. Coyotes are neutral towards the player and will attempt to flee if a set distance is not maintained, but they will never attempt to attack players.

Stranger wolves vary in their hostility and distinctive personalities; all Dispersal wolves are passive towards the player. Ravens cannot be interacted with and serve only as a beacon to show the player the location of a carcass in the distance without requiring the use of scent mode.


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Mission 1: Find a Mate


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