Amethyst Mountain is the name of the location where the first episode takes place. Originally released as a public demo on October 31st 2007 before its official launch to the public on December 21st 2007, WolfQuest: Amethyst Mountain was the first and only episode. It later received a major update on April 23rd 2008 known as the Amethyst Mountain Deluxe edition.[1]

On January 1st 2010, WolfQuest received an update in the form of a new second episode, Survival of the Pack. Like all all other levels, Amethyst Mountain continues to receive its fair share of updates and improvements.


The game is based in Amethyst Mountain, an area in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.[2] As the game is based on a real area, the development of the game shows likenesses to the actual area. Historically, the real Amethyst Mountain of Yellowstone National Park fell victim to a devastating forest fire during 1988.[3] This can be observed throughout the area of the map marked as "The Burn", where players may find an entire forest of dead trees and saplings scattered throughout the area.

The player has a primary objective throughout the first quest: find a mate. Secondary and completely optional objectives exist as a challenge for the player -- hunting elk and hares or chasing off predators, such as coyotes and bears, or fighting or fleeing from stranger wolves encountered on your journey.

The primary objective involves exploring wolf territories to find a dispersal wolf of the opposite gender to your wolf who will become your wolf's mate.


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When the game first launched as a demo, the season was based in mid-to-late summer. When the final, full version launched in December 2007, the season was changed to instead reflect fall. The WolfQuest Team have confirmed that the first episode takes place in the month of October.[citation needed]


Being the first quest of this wildlife simulation, the player is tasked with only one mission: to seek a wolf of the opposite sex with a good temperament. In order to progress, players must attain experience and improve upon their wolf by surviving in the Yellowstone wilderness, tackling predators and hunting prey.


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Amethyst Mountain/Mission 1: Find a Mate



  • The earliest devblog entry for the original game's development goes as far back as October 2006.[4]


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