The WolfQuest community forum was started on June 11th 2007.[1]

Five YearsEdit

For its fifth anniversary in 2012, Cana set up a new usergroup -- "Celebrating 5 years of WQ" -- and chose a vibrant shade of orange to color the usernames of those with it set as their default usergroups.

The community submitted avatars which have since been uploaded to the forum's avatar gallery.[2] These avatars are free-use, meaning everyone can use them at any time with no credit required, provided users do not claim the art as their own.[3] A poll was also run to decide the rank the usergroup would apply to its members when set as their default; the winning option was WQ Veteran[4].

If the project and the community makes it to its tenth anniversary, it has been suggested that a new usergroup is created with a new color to celebrate the 'achievement'[5] but it's not yet known if the existing anniversary group will be closed (making all its current members final if the group is kept) or updated to reflect the anniversary WQ is currently celebrating.


This gallery displays all the avatars available in the WolfQuest avatar gallery for anniversary avatars. These files are unmodified -- those that weren't resized can be seen full-size. Click an image to view it at its full resolution.

Additional note: Some members have moved accounts. Current usernames have been credited especially where username changes apply, though the filenames of the avatars will always reflect the artist by their original username at the time of its submission.

Fifth Anniversary GalleryEdit

Source: 5-year Anniversary Avatars

The avatar gallery on-site is titled "wqavatars".


  • 'Veteran' implies long experience in a particular field. Not all members truly meet this title.[6]
    • Because supervising a group's members is difficult due to the administrators' limited time, it is likely the group is deliberately open-for-all as opposed to specifying members to approve members who qualify and reject members who do not.
  • The gallery avatars exceed the specified size limit. It is possible the team were unaware that the forum software does not automatically resize gallery avatars if they exceed the limit. (The current limit is 100x100 pixels.)
    • The gallery avatars were resized on 23-Apr-2015[7]


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