Beavers are a non-interactive nocturnal animal in Lost River.

These animals inhabit a lodge built within the flooded heart of Allison Acres. It seems apparent that the beavers were responsible for erecting a dam and blocking the river's natural flow through Hank's Ditch to the lake, causing the neighbourhood to flood and likely driving its occupants to evacuate.

Whether they were intentionally introduced by humans or were invaders is unclear.

If players swim close to the lodge, they will hear noises and movements within. Occasionally, while swimming or trotting on the shore while in the vicinity of Allison Acres, the slapping of a beaver's tail and splashing will be heard.

Currently, there are no beavers to be observed or hunted in-game.



Some theories contained below are considered rumors unless otherwise confirmed by the WolfQuest Team.

  • Whether beavers were introduced by humans or invaded is unclear.
  • It has been speculated that they caused the evacuation of Downtown and Grant's Glen.
    • Another theory suggests that beavers may have undergone genetice modifications, or were perhaps victims of nuclear mutation as a result of the BCE facility's experimentation.[1]
  • Beavers are preyed on by wolves, coyotes and bears, hence the 'prey' categorization despite not having a physical appearance in-game.


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