Attention: The WolfQuest Wiki is not the place to submit reports for bugs and glitches.

For errors relating to the game, see Bugs and Glitches/Errors.
For exploitable or abused bugs and glitches, see Cheats.
Wq2.0.3 zombie pup

The zombie puppy bug.

Bugs and glitches are unintentional flaws with the game, ranging from graphical errors to problems with actual game scripts, which includes but is not limited to NPC behaviors and event triggers. While the game is tested by the WolfQuest Team and a select few volunteer members of the community, not all issues are caught and fixed in time for the final build. Players are encouraged to submit a detailed bug report to the developers if they encounter any issues with the game.


Players can discuss (but not report) their findings on the community forums in this topic by wolf567.

On the Wiki, contributors are welcome to post their findings in a third-person perspective on the Bugs and Glitches board, tagging this article to display the topic as a discussion. Alternatively, click the 'Start a discussion' button at the bottom of the page. We do not encourage sharing anything that has not yet been fixed in the current release -- 2.5.1 is the only exempt version.


To report an issue, players are required to send the team an e-mail following the steps provided in the following topic-

Before Reporting & How To Report Bugs and Glitches

The official topics posted in the WolfQuest FAQ by Cana and Dave, respectively-

What do I do if I find a bug or a glitch?
How to report a bug in WolfQuest 2.7


  • Players who submit detailed bug reports have a chance of being invited to beta test future beta and pre-release builds.[1]
    • It is unknown whether or not this still applies.



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