Users with Windows 7 computers - specifically Ultimate, though not limited to other versions - have a small chance of being affected by a compatibility issue. The cause of the bug is not known but its effects have been logged.

Fix #1

This fix will patch the no-buttons bug that affects the main menu / splash screen. The following fix will resolve the problem.

1) Close any open WolfQuest applications.

2) Right-click the WolfQuest shortcut from the desktop or start menu, and click "Properties".

3) From the Properties window, click the "Compatibility" tab.

4) Click the checkbox that says "run this program in compatibility mode for", and choose Windows ME/98, XP, or Vista.

5) Apply the changes and launch WolfQuest; if the menu remains button-free, try one of the other compatibility modes and test again.

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Fix #2

A virtual machine is a long-term fix; in most instances, using a virtual machine will rarely bring up the same problem a second time.