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Cheats and tips for free versions containing Amethyst Mountain only, officially released with the titles "Amethyst Nountain" and later "Amethyst Mountain Deluxe" as of 1.5.

Cheats and tips for free versions containing Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek, officially released with the title "Survival of the Pack".

Experience Points CheatEdit

Main article: Experience Points (2.5)/Cheat

This cheat works in version 2.5. Works only in single player Amethyst Mountain.

  1. Find an NPC wolf in the Amethyst Mountain stranger wolf territory. Must not be Dispersal.
  2. Dominate the stranger wolf. Do not kill it. While submissive, order it to leave.
  3. When the stranger wolf submits and its 'leaving' dialogue appears, press Esc and open pack stats.

If performed correctly, the player's pack stats will rapidly increase.

Maxed Stats CheatEdit

WolfQuest - How to Get Excellent Stats-141195386101:33

WolfQuest - How to Get Excellent Stats-1411953861

A video detailing the "perfect stats" glitch.

Due to a bug, it is possible to have strength and speed set to their maximum values (+0.5) with stamina set to 0, negating the intended penalties. Contrary to the description of the video, this glitch works for both genders.
  1. Begin with a female wolf and set strength to -0.5.
  2. Switch to a male wolf and click the top of the speed stat's bar. Do not slide/drag the bar to the top!
  3. Switch back to female and raise strength -- as before, click the top of the strength stat's bar, do not slide/drag.
  4. Switch back to male and slide/drag or click the top of the bar to cap the stat. Your wolf will now have excellent stats.

As of version 2.5.1, it is still possible to get strength and speed of +0.5 and stamina of 0 by glitching the sliders, though it seems to have no effect on the wolf's final stats. Starting a new single-player game with the sliders set this way will result in a wolf with default stats (as though all the sliders were set to 0), which can be seen in the Pack Stats menu.

Eagle-free CheatEdit

When the eagle appears, quit the game, and then come back. It will be gone.

Note: the game/application itself must be closed. Talk page entry

Bypass pup trainingEdit

During the third mission, howling consecutively will quickly and effortlessly fill the blue 'training' bar. In turn, this allows the player to easily bypass the mission and progress to mission four.

Cheats and tips for paid versions containing Amethyst Mountain, Slough Creek and Lost River. "New and Improved".

Pups in DenEdit

Using the East Creek den, follow these steps.

  1. Take hold of a pup with your wolf.
  2. Jump inside the den though the entrance.
  3. Jump out through the side.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until all pups are inside the den.

Because of the old collider of the den entrance along with the den being an enviornmental object in and of itself, no NPCs can enter the den. The pups are safe and are unable to leave unless taken out. This is possible on 2.7 and up, making the passage along missions 3-5 easy. The pathfinder of NPC's also makes defending the territory itself easier, for the animals go for the front of the den, making it hard to just turn around and escape. They can be killed easily: they just keep running at the den.

Holding Multiple PupsEdit

This can be performed on any den but only in the mobile editions of the game. This does NOT work for the hist of a multiplayer server! This has not yet been tested on a singleplayer game.

  1. Turn your joystick so slowly that your wolf moves but it does not move it's limbs or creates dynamic movement. It has to be in an idle animation for this to work.
  2. When a pup is near, keep your wolf in this same speed and position of turning around, and spam pickup on the pup.

A successful use of this glitch results in you picking up the pup with the pickup button (not the put down button) and feed button both visible as if it was not picked up at all.

If done incorrectly, your stamina will decrease and eventually drop the pup you attempted to hold. For example:

  1. You did not click enough times on the pickup button.
  2. You click the feed button.

This can be done repeatedly with all four pups as many times as needed. The result is all the pups will be in your mouth, and your stamina will not run out (This is very useful for a fast wolf or when you are on the journey.) In or out of your mouth they can starve if not fed. Feeding them puts them down. You can run anywhere with these pups, hunt, and attack.

Cheats and tips for paid versions containing Amethyst Mountain, Slough Creek and Lost River (and later Tower Fall).

Placeholder for Anniversary Edition and Tower Fall. The latter will release after the former in a separate release. Please refrain from editing this section.




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