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How to access the community forumEdit

The WolfQuest community forum can be accessed from the WolfQuest website by clicking the 'Community' image in the navigation sidebar displayed on the left side of the website. Registration is free and anyone can sign up regardless of their age and it is a public forum, so you can read a large portion of its contents without an account.

About the CommunityEdit

The WolfQuest Community Forum is the official forum base specific to the game and its community. Its userbase consists of over 500,000 accounts and constantly continues to grow on a daily basis. The website was launched in Summer 2007 and has been open to the public ever since, closing rarely during high traffic events such as the release of a new episode or updated version.

In order to play multiplayer mode, you must register an account on the official WolfQuest community. Once an account has been activated, members can browse and post on the forums and create or join multiplayer games.

Please note: the WolfQuest Wiki is not the place to ask for game support, troubleshoot problems or report bugs, glitches or abusive/inappropriate players. Please post issues here. Registering a Wikia account will not grant you game access.


Like most other communities online, the WolfQuest community has a specific set of rules that all members should read and comply to when making new topics or posting replies to existing topics. The rules were written by former admin WQ Coordinator, and are updated whenever deemed necessary. The rules also contain additional tips and help for newer members to read, such as a definition of backseat moderating, definitions of SPAM, and an etiquette guide by former WQ Moderators Rikkuzilla (formerly Faybrin<Rikku) and Songdog.

Forum Guidelines

Failure to comply can have consequences.


Main article: Usergroups
For other uses, see Account.

The WolfQuest community also features its own ranks, though these are purely cosmetic and have no impact on your in-game experiences[1].

Staff-ranks include WolfQuest Team Members[2] and Administrators[3], both of which consist of members employed by Minnesota Zoo and Eduweb, respectively. Also on the same tier as volunteers who positively represent the WolfQuest Team are Global moderators[4] and WolfQuest Report Team[5] members. In rare instances, volunteer administrators may be selected from current or former moderators who meet a certain criteria.

The most prominent members of the community are the registered members who make up the numbers of the community. With positive attitude and behaviour, it is possible for members to reap some rewards for their continued efforts. Ranks attained on the forum are purely cosmetic, earned by certain post count values. They have no use in multiplayer -- on the forum, they are used to better identify active members. Nothing more.

Pack CentralEdit

Main article: WolfQuest Community/Pack Central

Another aspect of the community forums is Pack Central, a hub where members may create and operate their own groups (typically called packs) or participate in other members' groups. Packs may operate on-site with a very limited roleplaying base, in-game provided the multiplayer rules are followed, or off-site on their own website.

Private MessagingEdit

All community members have access to a private messaging (or PM) feature. Every registered account has an inbox capacity of 50 messages; moderators have 75, and administrators have 100. Once exhausted, the oldest messages will be deleted or new messages will be held back depending on the setting assigned by the user.

Private messages can be sent to any member of the community, provided that member allows messages to be received.

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Friends and FoesEdit

For the friends list introduced in 2.7, see Friends.

A default feature in phpBB forum software, the WolfQuest community forums allow users to define their friends and foes via the user control panel. These lists play very little use in-game, however it's a good way to mark members you're friends with in-game on the forums for convenience purposes.

User-defined friends are displayed at all times in the UCP. Online friends will be prioritized at the top of the list while active; while composing a private message, an 'Add' button displays, allowing quick access to insert friends as recipients of a message. These are always sorted alphabetically. User-defined foes do not appear listed here, but their posts will be hidden in topic view for the user as long as that member remains a foe. This list also allows some special treatment in private messages if rules are set-up. For example, messages received from foes can be automatically marked as read or deleted the moment they are received, or friends' messages can be marked or moved to another folder as soon as they're received.


The WolfQuest community has had its share of happiness and sadness; newcomers and retirees. As a community consisting of over half a million members, it's only to be expected that it has had its run of events, both past and present!


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