Slough Creek's East Creek den is a territory located on the east side of the game world, just south of the words "Slough Creek" on the map. The territory resides within range of elk hunting grounds and is distanced from stranger wolf pack territory, and is one of two den sites that have a den set beneath the roots of a large tree, the other being Bison Peak Cutoff. It requires 7,500 experience points to unlock and awards an achievement.

It has a fair distance from elk hunting grounds and is the closest territory to the cattle ranch. It is under very little threat from the nearby wolf pack territory; this means hunting elk will take longer, but the player's pack less likely to be bothered by intruding wolves.

Congratulations! Due to your great experience as a wolf, you have found this den site on East Creek. It lies far from both elk grounds and other wolf pack territories. It is a safe location, but you would spend more time traveling to elk hunts.
— In-game dialogue for East Creek


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  • This is the only bonus territory introduced in Survival of the Pack. It can only be unlocked after attaining 7,500 experience points or more before starting in Slough Creek. [1]
  • In addition to being the only 'exclusive' densite, it also used to be the territory worst affected by glitches. As such, it was rarely recommended to take up residence here; predators had an increased spawn rate and once born, puppies would endlessly roam away from the area. These issues have since been fixed.
  • East Creek is known as the 'secret den' or Slough Creek by most players who do not know the den's actual name. This is likely because of its close proximity to the creek.
  • There is a harmless glitch where the player's wolf can appear physically inside of the den as a result of the old colliders used by the den models. This glitch is used in Wolf Pack roleplays.
    • This glitch has existed as early as the original launch of episode two. Unlike most other objects' colliders, this has not yet been fixed.


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