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These images are available from the WolfQuest website and community forums.


Alpha Info

Alpha builds do not contain most of the playable data; it's mostly a sandbox with which the environment is first built. It is gradually enhanced as development progresses; some features are accessible, but the game is far from playable at this stage as coding/scripts are being added to make it more user-friendly.


Beta Info

Beta builds contain most features, but not all are available or fully operational until the team is content with the quality of the game and its playability; this build is more user-friendly than the alpha builds, but require play-testing to seek out any glitches/bugs and issues that may arise during normal gameplay. This phase helps the team pinpoint these issues and eradicate them, then build a new beta version with which testers may continue play-testing to seek out any newly-created bugs that surface from a patch.

It is essential that testers are repetitive and willing to replay certain aspects of the game to find and confirm bug/glitch conditions to assist the team with their detection and removal. There are only a handful of people with access to these builds, so unfortunately not everyone can opt in. Sending detailed bug reports is currently the only known method to joining this team.