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Not to be confused with human impacts.

An Easter Egg is a secret or hidden reference added into the game by its developers.

Amethyst Mountain

Easter eggs observed in Amethyst Mountain. (1.1.0 and newer.)

Slough Creek

Easter eggs observed in Slough Creek. (2.0.0 and newer.)

Lost River

Easter eggs observed around Lost River. (2.7.0 and newer.)


Easter eggs relating to seasonal holidays. (2.7.3 and newer.)

Team References

Easter eggs observed in Lost River which are a nod to various members of the team- WolfQuest Team Members, staff (administrators and moderators) and beta testers.

Cinema Art

Clean rip of the cinema building's Easter eggs. The following are showcased:


  • Amethyst Mountain's "moon tree" is believed to have been added as an easter egg; this is an unconfirmed rumor.
  • The "bunny flower" in Amethyst Mountain is also believed to be an easter egg, due to the change of music that occurs when the player is near it. This has not been confirmed, even when the question was directed at Cana.[6]
  • Prior to the 29-Feb-2016 patch, Beary Angry and ? were not featured posters shown on the cinema.


  1. More likely to appear at dusk.
  2. As noted here on the community forums.
  3. Space Wolfs is a joke collaboration between ZeRivet, Liver and Kirave. The user writings entry can be found and read here. The astronaut wolf is Dave, as noted by the artist in the moderators' forum.
  4. This points to the true fact that Yellowstone National Park resides on a volcano, hence the geysers scattered around the location.
  5. Exactly what it says on the poster: a realistic wake-up call to the very real threat of the current state of the environment.
  6. • Ask WQ Coordinator- the WolfQuest Live Q&A, Oct-25-2009.

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