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Hunting Strategies

A strategy for hunting in multiplayer mode is to chase the elk (bull or cow) to another wolf so that the other wolf can bite from the front, making the elk take more damage because there are two wolves, both with good stamina. Although this strategy only works in multiplayer mode, there is also another strategy. 

When you approach an elk herd, look around for an elk that wanders off from the rest of the herd. That way you won't lose the elk that you want to hunt. Then sneak (Shift button) around the elk you have chosen and run. make sure to lead the elk the opposite direction of the herd, because the elk will try to find a way to get back to the rest of the herd. Then you can sneak (or walk if you prefer) a couple of metres away from the elk, then run. The elk would have stopped when you were sneaking around it, and you would be gaining faster because your stamina would've regenerated. It seems to make hunting a lot easier, but make sure to keep the elk far away from the rest of the heard.

Another strategy is (works with one player or two players) to go to the side of the elk you desire then turn to face it and head directly towards it, this is easy to perform. You won't have to chase elk all they long with this smart strategy.