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Emotes are a new feature available as of version 2.7.1 and above that permit players to realistically and non-verbally communicate with each other solely through the use of their avatar's body language. This interface is available in both single player[1] and multiplayer; interactive animations that were available prior to the introduction of the emotes patch will still be usable via their respective key binds.[2]

The interface -- accessible by pressing the E key -- grants players their choice from a selection of eight different emotes. Some are accompanied by sound, while others are devoid of any audio. While holding down the E key, the number keys can also be used to play emotes by pressing keys 1-8. The emotes panel does not need to be on-screen.

Emotes InterfaceEdit

The following emotes are available on the emotes panel.

Icon Emote sample Audio sample Description Summary
Emote icon-tailup Emote-tailupf (2.7)Emote-tailup (2.7) N/A Tail erect Confident
Emote icon-earsforward Emote-earsforwardf (2.7)Emote-earsforward (2.7) N/A Ears pricked Alert
Emote icon-grin Emote-grinf (2.7)Emote-grin (2.7) N/A Jaw parted, head raised Relaxed
Emote icon-wag Emote-wag1f (2.7)Emote-wag1 (2.7) N/A Wagging tail Playful
Emote icon-bow Emote-playbow1f (2.7)Emote-playbow1 (2.7) pending Play bow Playful
Emote icon-roll1 Emote-roll1f (2.7)Emote-roll1 (2.7) N/A Roll Submissive or playful
Emote icon-tailunder Emote-tailunderf (2.7)Emote-tailunder (2.7) N/A Tail tucked between legs Submissive
Emote icon-avertgaze Emote-avertgazef (2.7)Emote-avertgaze (2.7) N/A Looking away/avoiding eye contact Submissive

Key bindsEdit

Not all emotes are accessed via the emotes panel; the following emotes can be played via key input.

Emote sample Audio sample Description Summary
Emote-growl1f (2.7) pending Growl; G key Dominant or aggressive
None[3] pending Whine; Y key Submissive



  • Some emotes originate from the high-poly model used in the social encounter arena, while some are new or separated to their own animations based on the existing high-poly animations.
  • Play bow and Wag tail are not new; they will retain their original key binds (J and K, respectively) and be available from the emotes panel.
  • Growl was initially a sound with no animation. As of patch 2.7.1, this is no longer the case.
    • Whine, however, will remain as-is.[4]
  • With the exception of howl, play bow and wag tail, all other emotes were not available until the initial 2.7.1 patch.


  1. Dave confirms that "by popular demand", the emotes panel will not be MP exclusive, as was previously implied.
  2. • Coming soon: Emotes!
  3. Whine has no animation. This is intentional; in doing so, players can combine the audio with any other animation. Evidence:
  4. Dave explains the absence of any animation for the whine emote.

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