This bug can only be exploited in versions 2.5 and below. As of 2.7 and above, it has been fixed and can no longer be abused.

  1. In Amethyst Mountain, go into a wolf territory.
  2. Find a stranger wolf (NOT a Dispersal, a stranger) and fight it.
  3. When the wolf gives in, tell it to leave.
  4. When the wolf replies, "I can take a hint" or, "I'll be going now" or another one of those catch phrases, immediately press the ESC button on your keyboard and click "Pack Stats"
  5. Your Experience Points should start rapidly going up.  (WARNING: If your computer is more than 3 years old, do NOT let your points exceed a million. This may crash the game.)

Tip: If this cheat does not work right away, quickly return to the game, and hit ESC again before the stranger wolf runs off.

Tip: This cheat can work even after finding a mate.

This cheat is often used to obtain an albino pup and a secret den in Slough Creek.

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