Not to be confused with WQ Project Coordinator or WQ Coordinator.
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Kristie is an employee of Minnesota Zoo and was a temporary project coordinator of WolfQuest who took the position to resume a limited set of tasks as of January 2013 following the resignation of WQ Coordinator. She was an administrator of the official WolfQuest community forums until 2015.[citation needed]

Unlike her predecessors, Kristie is not an active coordinator nor is she an acting administrator due to time constraints, meaning she didn't fulfil the same duties, such as community management - adding new moderators, report team members, or announcing news about the project itself, though she did perform user management (i.e, bans and warnings) and reading/replying to e-mails.

Community tasks were instead managed by volunteer administrators responsible for the forums. At the time, these were Kivia and Rikkuzilla.


  • Unlike her predecessors, Kristie did not register for nor use a dedicated project coordinator account.
    • Instead, she used the wq_admin account. This is the default admin account which was created as the primary administrator or founder account during the forum's creation back in 2007.
  • As of 2017, it is not known whether she is still an employee at the zoo.


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