Not to be confused with WQ Project Coordinator or WQ Coordinator.

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wq_admin , known as Kristie, was the project coordinator of WolfQuest who took over the position in January 2013 following the resignation of WQ Coordinator due to Minnesota Zoo stepped down from seeking project funding. She was an administrator of the official WolfQuest community forums and is, like all previous coordinators, a Minnesota Zoo employee. 

Kristie is not an active Project Coordinator due to time constraints, meaning she didn't fulfil the usual duties that previous admins made time for. Tasks such as community management- adding new moderators, report team members, or announcing news about the project itself, though she does occasionally manage administrative duties such as user management (i.e, bans and warnings) and reading/replying to e-mails. Any announcements or new moderators/report team members are likely to be managed by substituting administrators or Dave, though this has yet to be seen.


Paw admin A WolfQuest Administrator from 2012 - 2014.
Female This member is female.


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