Allison Acres is a location within Lost River. It is the smallest settlement with the fewest houses. In the present day, it has flooded due to the presence of a beaver-constructed dam blocking the river's passage through Hank's Ditch into a reservoir.



  • The name of this settlement is the surname of Steve Allison-Bunnell, the game's former associate producer.
  • The town's flooded state may have occurred after Lost River was evacuated, however this is mere speculation. In Grant's Glen, a garage door can be found with the message First the river. Now us. This could be an indication that the river has been a potential disaster waiting to happen for some time either having been in danger of overflowing or having actually overflowed at some point whilst the area was inhabited by humans.
    • Whether beavers invaded and became pests prior to the evacuation is unknown.


  1. This is a likely reference to Pepper (Susan Nagel) of the WolfQuest Team.
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