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Lost River is the first optional game world that does not tie in with the main scenario of WolfQuest. It is a fictional location based on a real world location set within an American valley; unlike Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek, Lost River is set outside of Yellowstone National Park. There are two elk hunting grounds and three wolf territories: the Elevation pack on Baer Bluffs, the Van Winkle pack by Allison Acres, and the Lost River pack by the Back Forty.

Players cannot leave the game world due to four invisible barriers at the edges of the map, preventing access to the void area. While it is possible to find dispersals and establish a bond with them, it has been confirmed that it is not possible to migrate to Slough Creek.[1]

This map appears to be based around fall.


Main article: Lost River/Speculation


The theme of this game world features several rocky mountains, cliffs and hills. Roads stretch across the land, cutting a smooth path across rugged and uneven terrain. To the north-east is the beginning of the road and an abandoned caravan, passing an abandoned cabin by the Back Forty; to the south-east is the Two-Step and Allison Acres; to the south is a barricaded exit/entrance; situated south-west is Downtown, Hank's Ditch and the locked down BCE facility; directly west is another barricaded exit/entrance, the lake and Grant's Glen.

Within the heart of Lost River is a tall hilltop; at its peak is a viewpoint and fire tower, both overlooking downtown and the entire valley.

Both roads leading out of town are heavily barricaded and cannot be bypassed.




  1. • I found a mate. How do/why can’t I go to Slough Creek?

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