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The Flooding of Allison AcresEdit

Speculation about the flooding of Allison Acres is welcome in this section.

Abandonment or Evacuation?Edit

Speculation about the abandonment or evacuation of Lost River.


One of the more interesting and probable speculations is that Lost River is based on or modelled after Chernobyl or another town which met a similar if not the same disaster.


Another theory is that Lost River is a nod to Bethesda's FallOut 4 which launched on November 10th 2015, merely two days before WolfQuest 2.7's demo launch on November 12th 2015.

Wolf TerrorEdit

Originally made up by SukioFan/Ironblood06 the idea that wolves terrorized the town and invaded causing damage to the dam from hunting or making a leak at the Two Step making a forced evacuation could be possible.

BCE Involvement SpeculationEdit

Speculation about the possible involvement of the BCE Facility.

Mutated BeaversEdit

One of the more popular theories I've seen on the forums is that the BCE were somehow responsible for mutating beavers.

Bionic WolvesEdit

The BCE Facility could have been producing hiddenly bionic wolves and dogs and released them under tracking numbers such as 42,199,and 168.Originally from a RP

Miscellaneous SpeculationEdit

Speculation about other things in Lost River.


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