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Game mapsEdit

Unmodified maps, as they appear in the game's map viewer.

For information about the game world, see Map.
For the Amethyst Mountain game world map, see Amethyst Mountain/Map.
For the Slough Creek game world map, see Slough Creek/Map.
For the Lost River game world map, see Lost River.

User-submitted guidesEdit

Edited versions of the game map. These maps have been modified and are suitable for guide purposes. (Give credit if you use these outside of the WolfQuest Wikia.)

For Neamara's Amethyst Mountain guide map for 2.7, see File:WQ2.7_HumanImpactsMap_AM.png.
For Jazzman's Slough Creek guide map for 2.5, see File:Niceplacesmap.png.
For Neamara's Slough Creek guide map for 2.7, see File:WQ2.7_HumanImpactsMap_SC.png.
For Neamara's Lost River guide map for 2.7, see File:WQ2.7_HumanImpactsMap_LR.png.

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