Pack Stats (short for pack statistics) is an interface that allows players to keep track of prey hunted, predators thwarted, elk hunts, experience points, death count, their own wolf's (and pack's) name(s), condition and stats where applicable, pack affinity, wolf encounters, carcasses eaten, and total game time.

Stats are saved in the .wolf file[citation needed] along with the avatar's name, gender, appearance, and customizations.

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Amethyst Mountain and Lost River

During Amethyst Mountain and Lost River, the pack stats interface initially shows the player wolf's stats, condition and name, in addition to experience points, elk hunts and kills, coyotes killed, grizzlies chased off, carcasses eaten, deaths, stranger wolves encountered (and survived) and dispersal wolf encounters.

Once a bond has been established with a dispersal wolf, the mate's name and health will become available in this interface, from which point they will assist with hunting and thwarting predators.

Slough Creek

During Slough Creek, pups are added to the interface as soon as they are born: names, health and weight will be displayed for each pup, and pack affinity will be logged below their names. It is possible to change pups' names from this interface with enough experience points.


During multiplayer sessions, the interface features one new section. Your Pack shows a list of all connected players including the host, with options to give warning, report, add friend, kick out and, if voice chat is enabled, mute players.


  • Oddly, All Pup Predators Thwarted is displayed even while playing Amethyst Mountain and Lost River, despite it being exclusive to Slough Creek. The same is true during multiplayer.


  1. "Mute All" only appears when voice chat is enabled.