In Yellowstone National Park, where there are wolves there will be humans to follow. Players whose wolves are equipped with a radio collar have a chance of seeing and hearing a plane flying overhead. This event will occur in both single player and multiplayer unless there are no collared wolves in the session.

Amethyst MountainEdit

In Amethyst Mountain a plane will sometimes fly overhead, skimming over the treetops as they follow the player's progress regardless of whether it has a mate or not. These planes carry researchers who are interested in tracking and studying grey wolves. They don't get too close and hang around for long so as not to disturb or disrupt animals.

Slough CreekEdit

In Slough Creek, the plane is still a possibility again flying overhead, where its researchers will continue to oberve their collared wolf (or wolves) and their pack, if it has settled down. The plane will again continue its path across the sky until it despawns at the end of the map. 

Lost RiverEdit

In Lost River, the plane will not appear. It's possible that the environment is simply too hazardous, that humans no longer visit the area, or that wolves roaming in and around the area are not monitored.



  • This is a nod to real-life researchers, who will track collared wolves in a plane to gather statistics about the pack if the collared individual is not a lone wolf.
  • Although it flies fairly low, the plane will not land nor will any humans spawn as a result of its presence.
  • All players will see and hear the event regardless of whether or not they are also collared.


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