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Samples from the customization interface.

The Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack adds five new textures, each one modelled after members of the real-world Blacktail Deer Plateau wolf pack[1]


Click an image to view the image at full size and animate the rotation preview loop.


  • These textures are, in order of their appearance in the above samples, modelled after the following wolves:
    • Coat #1 is modelled after 778M.
    • Coat #2 is modelled after 911M.
    • Coat #4 is modelled after 830F.[2]
    • Coat #5 is modelled after 693F.


  1. There is no official confirmation, although this is likely to be the case as suggested by the namesake.
  2. This wolf does not appear to have a page on the Yellowstone wolf website nor is she listed on the Blacktail Deer Plateau page; in fact, it seems there is little information about her online. She appears to be a former member of the Blacktail Deer Plateau pack. 830F has search results on the Yellowstone wolf website. Images: 1 2, 3 and 4.

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