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This article features a compilation of the various postures and animations made by players whose wolves use the 'Limpy' customization. This includes social encounter arenas, emotes and other animations.

Click images to view them at full size and play their animations- every animation loops.


General animations used by most adult wolves.

Animation Audio sample Summary
130px N/A Idle
130px pending Idle; while turning
130px130px pending Walking or trotting; straight ahead
130px pending Walking or trotting; while turning
130px130px pending Running; straight ahead
130px pending Running; while turning
130px pending Stalking; straight ahead
130px pending Stalking; while turning
130px N/A Laying down
130px N/A Sleeping and waking up
130px N/A Sitting down (loop)
130px N/A Sitting down, cleaning, return to idle and repeat.
130px130px N/A Jumping while idle
130px130px pending Jumping while walking or running
130px N/A Idling in deep water
130px pending Swimming in deep water
130px130px pending Eating
130px pending Biting or attacking
130px pending Biting and holding on
130px pending Death

Sleeping (Z key) will enable the player to select the time of day. Resting (pressing R) has two 'phases', both being able to restore lost stamina: one keystroke enables the player to assume the sitting pose, while two keystrokes enables the laying down (and sleeping) pose. 


The following emotes are available on the emotes panel.

Icon Emote sample Audio sample Description Summary
Emote icon-tailup 130px130px N/A Tail erect Confident
Emote icon-earsforward 130px130px N/A Ears pricked Alert
Emote icon-grin 130px130px N/A Jaw parted, head raised Relaxed
Emote icon-wag 130px130px N/A Wagging tail Playful
Emote icon-bow 130px130px pending Play bow Playful
Emote icon-roll1 130px130px N/A Roll Submissive or playful
Emote icon-tailunder 130px130px N/A Tail tucked between legs Submissive
Emote icon-avertgaze 130px130px N/A Looking away/avoiding eye contact Submissive

Key binds

Not all emotes are accessed via the emotes panel; the following emotes can be played via key input.

Emote sample Audio sample Description Summary
130px pending Growl; G key Dominant or aggressive
None[1] pending Whine; Y key Submissive


Animations associated with emotes and communication via body language that are not restricted to multiplayer.

Animation Audio sample Summary
130px130px N/A Urinating to mark territory
130px130px N/A Wag tail
130px130px pending Play bow
130px130px Varies Howling

Social Arena

The social arena is the only instance that uses high-poly models. As such, most of these animations are unusable and require conversion to the regular model before they may become available.

Current listing is incomplete.

Animation Audio sample Summary
130px N/A Neutral
130px pending Submissive #1 Submit
130px pending Submissive #2 Avert Eyes
130px pending Submissive #3 Roll
130px pending Attack
130px pending Dominant #1 Tail raised
130px pending Dominant #2 Snarl, tail raised
130px pending Affectionate #1 Lick
130px pending Affectionate #2 Sniff
130px pending Playful #1 Play bow
130px N/A Playful #2 Wag tail

Pup interaction

Animations relating to adult wolves taking care of pups.

Animation Audio sample Summary
130px N/A Picking up and setting down a puppy
130px N/A Carrying a pup while standing idle
130px N/A Carrying a pup while trotting
130px N/A Carrying a pup while running
130px pending Regurgitating food for pups



  1. Whine has no animation. This is intentional; in doing so, players can combine the audio with any other animation. Evidence: