The Project Coordinator is a member of the WolfQuest Team and is typically an employee of Minnesota Zoo. Their job involves public relations, content advising, project management and a large variety of other tasks[1] and, most importantly, administration of the community forum. These tasks include (but are not limited to) maintaining the forums by adding, updating and/or removing boards, fulfilling account deletion requests, dealing with multiplayer and forum abuse reports, announcing WolfQuest's status on behalf of the development team, assigning and working with moderators and report team members among many other responsibilities and duties.

There have been three project coordinators to date.


Kristie (2013 - present)


Michelle (2007 - 2008)

Cana (2008 - 2013)

Beyond 2012Edit

As of January 2013, Cana's position as the project coordinator was terminated. Unlike the previous coordinators who have created an appropriately named account, Kristie does not use such an account; she instead uses the wq_admin account. The two existing coordinator accounts have become dormant since the respective members left the community, save for the occasional check-in.


Though they are not officially project coordinators in any way, shape or form, there are two volunteer administrators amidst the community: Rikkuzilla and Kivia. They were appointed to the role by Cana before her position was terminated. Kivia retired from WolfQuest in April 2013[2] and Rikkuzilla is standing in as an emergency-only admin[3].


During 2014, Dave briefly returned in February, later increasing his activity from June onwards. He appears to be standing in administratively more frequently as of late, hopefully being more long-term. If he stands in as the project coordinator, he will be the first Team Member from Eduweb to have done so for a long time; the first being WileE[4].


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