Rest and sleep were introduced in the Deluxe edition of Survival of the Pack[1]. The feature was a winning entry for the new ideas contest as decided by the community in a poll run by the WolfQuest Team[2]. Both options allow the player to recover lost stamina from running, jumping and swimming at a much faster rate than idling and may be performed in any map from version 2.5.1 onwards.


Resting is triggered by pressing the R key and allows players to regain lost stamina at an increased rate. The ability to rest was initially unavailable in multiplayer when the feature was implemented, but it was later enabled along with the bug fixes in version 2.5.1[3]. Pressing the rest key once will make your wolf sit. Pressing it again will make him/her lay down[4].

It's possible to rest both in single player and multiplayer modes.


Sleeping is triggered by pressing the Z key and allows the player to advance the time via a togglable interface shown only while sleep has been triggered. It's not possible to sleep in multiplayer since the feature is completely disabled in this mode; time can only be specified by the host during game set-up.


  • Due to a bug, resting during single player in Amethyst Mountain after your wolf has died will cause the camera to focus on the first instance of your wolf.


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