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Midnight Pass

In 2010, there was a rumor circulating the internet regarding the potential next episode being titled Midnight Pass, which would include hunters, werewolves, and other such things. It was confirmed to have been false by Cana[1][2]. WolfQuest is intended as a realistic wolf simulation, hence there are no werewolves/anthromorphic beings or hunters/human invasion of any kind (excluding human impacts) in-game, nor will there ever be. Furthermore, the models the video creator used came from another videogame, possibly World of Warcraft using greenscreening/chroma keying editorial.

The video that stirred up this rumor ( has since been removed from YouTube for copyright violations. The rumor still circulates to this day, though it is less frequent than it was back in the day.

As of December 31st 2016, Eduweb officially announced that episode three was upcoming content.[3]

2.5 and older

The Campsite

There was a rumor of a camper's 'tent' that made noises if the player came near it at night. It has also been said that the player's wolf could actually eat from a bowl left outside. This rumor has been proven false by many as the only human evidence in the game include the cattle ranch and numerous human impacts found throughout Slough Creek.

Shooting at the Cattle Ranch

There is a rumor something shoots at the wolf if he or she stays too long at the cattle ranch. This is not a rumor, it is a fact; if the player overstays their welcome at the cattle ranch triggers an event where the rancher will shoot your wolf to kill it if he or she overstays their welcome.

Rival Pack Dens

There was a rumor suggesting that an additional fifth den site within the southern rival pack's territory in Slough Creek. Alcuzey inquired via private message with Cana, who suggested there were only four dens.[4] While players have continued to comb through the rival pack territories in search of the rumored fifth den, none of them have been successful.

2.7 and newer

WolfQuest for Nintendo DS/3DS

A rumor surfaced in July 2014 about a DS/3DS version of WolfQuest[5]. Dave commented on this, stating that the licensing fees are prohibitive.


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