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The first objective of Survival of the Pack is to find a den. 

There are four territories where the player and their mate may decide to settle and call home while your offspring are still very young and inexperienced.

Choosing an ideal denEdit

Main article: Den

The first thing you'll want to do is to decide which territory best suits your needs. Each territory has its pros and cons which you'll find listed on the corresponding articles for each territory. 

Some den sites offer overall protection from dangers such as predators at the cost of your wolf and/or their mate travelling to hunting grounds in order to provide your pups with food, while others have relatively close hunting grounds but are at a higher risk of predator invasion. Choose your den site wisely.


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Mission #2Edit

Now that you have secured a den, it's time to move on to the next mission.

Marking your Territory.


  • It's strongly advised that you never select East Creek as a den site due to its heavily bugged-and-glitched status.
    • Pups will constantly roam, making the game significantly harder to complete.
  • It has been confirmed[1] that 25,000 Experience Points unlocks East Creek.


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