The third objective of Survival of the Pack is to begin training your pups.

As parents, you and your mate will be responsible for teaching, growing and protecting your pups as they mature. It's important that your pups do not stray too far from the den, or else they'll be an easy meal for any nearby trespassing predators

Teaching safetyEdit

Your mate will autonomously pick up and drop pups near the den when he/she is not hunting to provide food for your pups. While feeding your pups won't increase pack affinity, there are two methods that will slowly but surely increase overall affinity during the course of this mission.

  1. This act will slowly increase the affinity of your pack, represented by a blue bar on the badge.
  1. Howling will also increase pack affinity, but due to a bug, it can be abused[1].

Once your puppies have learned not to stray, they will stay within range of the den. You'll still need to be watchful for invading predators and stranger wolves.


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Mission #4Edit

Now that your pups have learned that the den is a place of safety, it's time to move on to the next mission.

Defend your Pups


  • An error makes it possible to bypass this level quickly; it's better known as a cheat. Consecutive pack howls will effortlessly allow you to fill the affinity bar, bypassing the intended method of completing the mission. This bug has not yet been fixed.
  • Besides invading your territory, stranger wolves don't pose a threat to your pack whatsoever. Predators, however, can prove to be a lethal encounter to curious or straying pups.
  • Because East Creek is a heavily bugged/glitched site, pups will always stray regardless of whether or not this mission has been successfully completed. This is just one of the reasons players are advised against settling there.


  1. Bypass pup training

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