The fourth objective of Survival of the Pack is to ensure your pups' survival.

As parents, you and your mate are responsible for the protection of your pups as they continue to grow and thrive. It's important that your pups stay close to the den while you fend off any predators that have strayed too far into your territory, lest your pups become an easy meal. You must kill coyotes and chase away Grizzly bears.

Kill or Be KilledEdit

Your mate will continue to autonomously pick up and deposit pups near the den whenever he/she is not busy scavenging/hunting to provide them with food, but driving out Grizzlies and killing coyotes is entirely your responsibility. It should be noted that predators will appear more frequently throughout this mission.

Grizzlies require three bites to drive away. Due to their speed, this can be difficult to accomplish with it running circles around your den. Fortunately, standing within a close proximity to your pups prevents the bear from closing in and killing its targeted pup, giving you a slight advantage. Try and steer the bear away from your pups and away from the den before you attempt to attack it; this method has a chance of the bear getting stuck, giving you an advantage. This decreases the chance of a pup dying provided you can keep it at a distance and get back to the territory before it. After three bites, it will flee.

Coyotes are much, much easier. It is essential that you kill intruding coyotes. Driving them out of your territory will not stop them from returning, no matter how much distance you put between it and your pack.

After repeating this a few times, the mission will be completed and you can proceed to the next mission.


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Mission #5Edit

Now that one, some or all of your pups have survived, it's time to move on to the next mission.

Grow your Pups


  • If you're having difficulty with bears, save your game, quit and reload. Sometimes the bear have either de-spawned or been replaced. This does not always work.
  • Because East Creek is a heavily bugged/glitched site, pups will always stray regardless of whether or not the previous mission has been successfully completed, further increasing the difficulty of protecting them. This is just one of the reasons players are advised against settling there.
  • See also: Wolf Pup/Defending


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