For other variations, see Stranger wolf.The Specimen Ridge pack is an established wolf pack whose territory resides atop Amethyst Mountain where their members are more common than in other territories. The wolves belonging to this pack are level-headed, cool individuals that will make an effort to defend themselves and their territory, but also know when to back down and flee.


Like Druids, these wolves have a tendency to act dominant, but both males have been observed and will become passive/submissive depending on the player's opening line. The black male tends to always be submissive if the player acts hostile or borders on aggression; the grey/white male usually poses himself as dominant (though he has been observed being passive) and usually submits around half health. The female of the group is fairly casual upon discovery with "What's up?" being her opening phrase. If provoked she will retaliate, though she is likely to submit around half health in a similar fashion to the grey/white male.



  • This pack was based on a real wolf pack of the same name. This was a relatively short-lived pack which was observed in Yellowstone for less than a full year during 2004.


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