The WolfQuest Store that was provided by Minnesota Zoo allowed enthusiasts of the WolfQuest game (and community) to purchase branded WolfQuest t-shirts and patches that can be delivered for an additional fee depending on the location the item(s) were being delivered to. The store itself was hosted through the zoo's website.[1]


  • Plush wolf toys
  • Plush bear toys
  • WolfQuest branded T-shirts
  • WolfQuest branded patch
  • Toy wolf and bear figurines (plastic)
  • Wolf mood necklaces


In December 2012, store content's stock availability became limited following news[2] regarding WolfQuest updates no longer being aided by the Minnesota zoo due to their involvement in the project being dropped, meaning Eduweb must seek to continue WolfQuest without the zoo's aid.

Following this news, Cana confirmed that store content would be in limited supply, and that once everything had sold out, supplies would cease to continue being manufactured.

2015 and beyond

This store is no longer an option on the navigation menu having been removed by loboLoco. This is effective as of September 2015.


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