Storefronts refers to the selection of websites and app stores approved and used by the developers to distribute their game. These websites are safe, secure and trusted locations customers can use to purchase the game. is a digital distribution service. It was founded in March 2013. It allows users to host, sell and download digital indie video games.

The game is available at the following link:

Players are encouraged to purchase the game through as it takes a smaller cut of a developer's earnings, plus a complimentary (free) Steam key is given for every purchase.

WolfQuest 2.7 entered's list of top sellers within a few hours of its release.[1]


Steam is a digital distribution platform developed and maintained by Valve Corporation. Since its launch in September 2003, Steam is a very popular service which offers DRM (digital rights management), multiplayer gaming and social networking services.

The client provides its users with installation and automatic game updates across multiple computers and community features including friends lists, groups, cloud storage, in-game voice and chat functionality, to name a few. The software provides a freely available API (application programming interface) known as Steamworks -- this allows developers to integrate many of Steam's functions into their own products including matchmaking, networking, in-game achievements, micro-transactions, and support for user-created content via Steam Workshop.

The game is available at the following link:


iTunes is a digital distribution service developed and maintained by Apple Inc. It launched in April 2003 and has been known as the largest music vendor in the world since April 2008.

Get tthe app:

Google Play

Google Play is a digital distribution service developed and maintained by Google. It launched during October 2008 as Android Market and was rebranded and relaunched as Google Play in March 2012 and serves as the official app store for the Android operating system.

Get the app:


The Amazon appstore is a digital distribution service for the Android operating system developed and maintained by It launched in March 2011.

Get the app:




  1. It can still be found in the top selling and popular games list:

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Features AccountsAchievementsCustomization (Player) • Experience pointsFriendsHuman ImpactsMultiplayerPackResting & Sleeping
Game mechanics AIAuto-saveDeathDifficultyPack AffinityScent visionSpawnersWeather
Interactive AnimationsCarcassDensEmotesNPCsHuntingMapPack RallySocial arenaTime
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