Sloughcreek map

Before the final mission.

Stranger wolf packs are two unrelated pack territories found throughout Slough Creek and play a more prominent role during the fifth mission of Survival of the Pack. It is not known how many wolves exist in either pack, as the player never sees more than one member of the pack at any time, but the player cannot trespass deeper into the heart of the territory or locate any den site or pups that either rival pack may be raising due to the boundaries of the map.

Sloughcreek map m5

After starting the final mission.

Before the final mission, players are able to explore either territory without encountering a stranger wolf to chase them out. The southern stranger wolf pack territory is significantly smaller than the northern territory. After starting the final mission however, a stranger wolf will always spawn and chase the player away and the southern territory will extend to become larger than it was previously. This is done as a to challenge players who chose the Bison Peak or Slough Creek dens, forcing them to go around the rival pack's expanded borders to reach their destination.


After the southern rival pack extends its boundaries, players who settled at East Creek or Bison Peak Cutoff will need to take a detour in order to avoid the pack and reach the rendezvous site alive. Unfortunately, this detour involves crossing the creek with one puppy at a time.

Trespassing into rival pack territory during the final mission will always spawn a stranger wolf, who will target and run towards the player with the intention of driving them out; after this event, the player's pack will be teleported outside the rival pack's boundaries with a warning that the player should not be "sniffing around these parts".

Using the shallows located at Sandbar Crossing, players can safely transport their pups across the creek and from there, go around to the next shallow crossing by Saddle Meadows en route to the rendezvous site.


  • During the final mission, only the southern territory grows. The northern territory remains as-is throughout the duration of your pack's stay in Slough Creek.
    • Additionally, this is the only time a stranger wolf will appear to drive you away from their territory. This never happens before the mission is started.
  • Despite there being two unrelated territories, it's uncommon to see stranger wolves in either location; you're more likely to see stranger wolves in and around your own territory when the scent markings have faded sufficiently for them to begin invading.
  • There were rumors of a den found in the southern rival pack territory, however this was quashed by WQ Coordinator.