Stranger wolf territories are three moderately-sized areas inhabited by varying stranger wolves that are found throughout Amethyst Mountain during single player. These territories are non-existent in multiplayer since stranger wolves are not part of the multiplayer experience. Previously, stranger wolves had pre-determined spawn locations; this is no longer the case, as they now appear in random locations throughout these zones.

Am wolfterritory peetrail

Following the trail.

Wolf territories can be identified as being large translucent pink circles on the map, or by the solid silhouette of a wolf on the compass. Scattered around each are territorial markers made by the stranger wolf inhabitant, marking that territory as their property. Players can use these territory markers to locate the inhabitant by following a stronger trail as indicated by the identifier at the upper-right corner of the screen.

Players can locate a stranger wolf by their scent trail while in scent vision, toggled by pressing the V key. They are represented by a yellow urination markers, but only within the boundaries of stranger wolf territory during episode 1.


Each territory occupies three different wolf pack types, and all three house at least a dispersal wolf spawn location. Every territory has a specific pack member that spawns within their designated area. 

  • Specimen wolves - most common at the Amethyst Mountain territory.
  • Druid wolves - most common at the Soda Butte Vista territory.
  • Slough wolves - most common at the Grassy Plain territory.

Once the player has visited and interacted with each territory's wolves at least once, a dispersal wolf has a chance of appearing in any of the three territories.