During game development, the team have occasionally slipped out teasers, often in the form of screenshots, pictures, video and, more recently, audio.[1]

During the development and beta testing of episode two, Cana allowed the beta testers to show off some screenshots from the new version in the form of actual teasers and bug/glitch "bloopers", with some of them being photoshopped or manually tweaked by the individual beta tester for a laugh.

Some promotional images reflect major differences in the alpha, beta or otherwise pre-release version that are not present in the final product; the teaser videos depict certain features that did not make it into the public release, such as marking territory and communication interactions in episode one and roaming stranger wolves in episode two. 

Amethyst Mountain

The following teasers were unveiled during the development and pre-release promotional images from both the demo and release versions of the first episode, Amethyst Mountain.

Amethyst Mountain: Deluxe Edition

The following teasers emerged before the release of Amethyst Mountain: Deluxe Edition.


The following images originate from the promotional WolfQuest video.

Survival of the Pack

The following teasers were unveiled during the development and pre-release promotional images from the second episode, Slough Creek.

Survival of the Pack: Deluxe Edition

The following teasers emerged before the release of Survival of the Pack: Deluxe Edition.

WolfQuest: New and Improved

Teasers following Eduweb's return to the project in 2013.

WolfQuest 2.7

The following teasers were unveiled while version 2.7[5] was in development.

Note that only one of the three "mark territory" buttons will be used in the final version.[16]

Beta Screenshots

The following teasers were unveiled by the beta testers, with permission from Dave. This compilation is arranged as screenshots followed by bloopers. Click an image to enlarge.


Cited from


Cited from and


The following teasers were unveiled while version 2.7.3[17] was in development.

WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition & Tower Fall

The following teasers were unveiled while the Anniversary Edition (versions 2.7.X up to 3.0[18]) and Tower Fall were in development. 'Note that Anniversary will be a free release to existing customers - Tower Fall will be sold separately as DLC!


Teasers revealed before the public launch of patch 2.7.2 and the mobile edition. Please note that this section is not specific to any single version or episode and will be updated if any new mobile teasers are revealed. Cited from .


  • The communication interactions seen in Amethyst Mountain's promotional video were possibly reworked into the social arena enounters, while territory marking was implemented in the second episode to be more realistic and accurately portray real wolf behavior; dispersal wolves do not establish territory until they have a mate. This would be a sensible explanation, granted that WolfQuest is an educational game.
  • Grizzly bears were implemented with the introduction of Amethyst Mountain's Deluxe edition update.
  • Similarly, time and weather were introduced in Survival of the Pack's Deluxe edition update.


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