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Help! I can't save!

  • I've just recentley started this game and I'm still on the 'look for a mate' mission. I'm trying to interact with the three wolves, but everytime I interact with a druid wolf, I can't save. It's not like I've been killed or anything (I know about that bug). Please help!

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    • 2.5, right?

      If the problem doesn't correct itself after completely leaving the wolf territory, try to avoid any confrontations with the druid pack. If even that fails, I'm not sure what to suggest... very strange for that to be happening if you're out of the territory's range and have not died at all that save. :/ 

      ~Neamara WolfQuest-logo Contact | Blog | Contributions 22:41, March 30, 2016 (UTC) 

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    • Yes I have 2.5. I might try again another time. Maybe tommorow it will be fixed.

      PS: I know I haven't been seeing the same wolf over and over again because two times it was a black male and once it was a gray female.

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    • Oh yay! I just tried again and encounted what looks like the same female again and after wandering for a bit, I could save my game! (I really hope this doesn't happen again.)

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    • plz tell me how to save!!!!!!!!

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    • wrote:
      plz tell me how to save!!!!!!!!

      Which version of the game are you playing? For both versions, open the options menu (pause icon on mobile devices, Esc key on computers) and select 'Save'.

      • 2.5 will only ever create two automatic save points -- the first being created while relocating from Amethyst Mt. to Slough Creek, and the second will be created any time you enter the cattle ranch.
      • 2.7 will automatically save at intervals or while holding down shift and tapping backwards on computer, but I don't know if this works in mobile. (Automatic save states are still generated when migrating to Slough Creek and visiting the cattle ranch.)

      In 2.5, there exists a bug that prevents saving if your wolf has died in Amethyst Mountain. For further reading: [2.5] Save Glitch

      In 2.7, make sure you are not standing within the vicinity of a stranger wolf; if one has spawned nearby and you find yourself unable to save, either move away from it or leave the territory and retry.

      ~Neamara WolfQuest-logo Contact | Blog | Contributions 12:08, May 19, 2017 (UTC) 

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