As you may or may not already know, 2015 looks set to be a good year for the WolfQuest project.

iPad, Android and Kindle App

As of fall 2014, the WolfQuest Team have been in progress with developing an app which will first launch on iPad and later be followed by Android and Kindle devices. The app will be supported on iPad 2, iPad Mini and newer versions, with compatibility and certain restrictions differing on older and newer devices. For example, older but supported devices will support up to 2 players in multiplayer, while newer devices wlll support at least 5 players in multiplayer. The same applies to the new fluff rendered on pups and wolves, which Dave has stated will not be available on older devices.

Some time after its iPad release and barring any technical issues during development, the app will later be ported to and sold on Android and Kindle. Support is estimated to work with devices manufactured in 2012 at the earliest.

The Community

The community forums will remain open-to-all, thanks to the assistance of a new volunteer admin who will be helping Dave with forum management.

The Computer Versions

The fate of the existing multiplayer chat lexicon has been sealed since December 2012's announcement by Cana, as confirmed by Dave. Lexicon will be removed in the not-too-distant future after being in a three-year limbo. The game will remain freely available to download; 2.7 has been confirmed for a Mac/Win release complete with improvements to the 3D environment which may be made available later via a patch. Computer pricing is TBD! The tablet app will be available for "$5 or less".

Release Dates

Please read the WolfQuest 2.7 article. This allows us to keep one consistent area for any and all updates (or estimates) regarding the release date. We won't be adding it to any blog entries. Thank you.

Episode 3

If the new version is a huge success, there is a very good possibility of a new episode, but only through strong sales. All money earned from the app will be put back into the game to invest in further development. All that money goes a long way for this seven (eight in June, I believe) year old project, which is an amazing achievement considering the game has always been dependent on funding in order to survive. An update is well overdue.

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