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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on April 19
  • I am female
  • Russthewolf

    My characters

    August 13, 2015 by Russthewolf

    Russ- gray wolf with gray fur, a white underbelly, chest, jaws, cheeks, legs and under-tail. He has yellow eyes.

    Spot- leopard with cream fur and white cheeks, chest, belly and paws. She has black spots, eartips, and black stripes on her tail. Has green eyes. Russ's mate.

    Cluny- red fox with orange fur, a tan underbelly, cheeks, chest and tail-tip. He has black legs and black ear-tips. Has an blue earring and a nick in his left ear. Has blood-red eyes. Russ's arch-enemy.

    Fuzzy- gray wolf with silver fur, a white underbelly, chest, jaws, cheeks, legs and under-tail. He has turquoise eyes. Russ's little brother.

    Lucky- gray wolf with dark gray fur, a white underbelly, chest, jaws, cheeks, legs and under-tail. Has blue eyes. Russ and Spot's daugh…

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  • Russthewolf

    Russ's life-NEWS

    August 12, 2015 by Russthewolf
    • Please read!

    I have news about my comic/novel Russ's Life! I'm making it into a series called The Animal Chronicles (the name may change later). Now that I have finished the World Map and the actual plot, I am now developing the other books in the series. The sequel: Lucky's Destiny, about Russ's daughter Lucky. The prequel: Mist's Secret, about Russ's mother Mist. Book 3: Animal Quest, about Russ's second-best friend Iceclaw and Lucky's offsprings. Lastly, the midquel: Russ and Spot's Adventures, about Russ and Spot's time in LeopardClan. The names of the books may change soon!

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  • Russthewolf

    I usually settle at Bison Peak Cutoff or Saddle Meadows at the beginning of the game, because I prefer them since they're the best dens. I NEVER settle at Aspen Heights or East Creek, because Aspen Heights is WAY too far away and East Creek is WAY too glitchy. But this is only my opinion!

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  • Russthewolf

    The REAL Russ's life

    August 9, 2015 by Russthewolf

    The story I posted is not the REAL Russ's Life. That was just what happened when I played WolfQuest. The story is totally different.

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  • Russthewolf

    Russ's life

    July 30, 2015 by Russthewolf

    Once upon a time there was a young male gray wolf named Russ. He had left his pack to find a mate and was on his way to the Grassy Plains Pack. After he got there, he tried to find a scent trail he could follow. He finally found one and followed it to the edge of the territory. It was a wolf! The wolf was a white-gray-brown colored male named Gravel, who was the Alpha Male of his pack. "What's up?" he asked. "I want to be boss." snarled Russ aggressively. He knew he must defeat the Alpha in each pack before finding a mate, so after Gravel growled, "I want to be boss", Russ howled, "I'm boss, back off!", and sunk his fangs into Gravel's shoulder, biting out a chunk of fur. They both repeated this action to each other until at last, Gravel w…

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