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An example of a batch #2 User of the Month.

User of the Month is a usergroup (with accompanying rank) that can be earned by members of the WolfQuest community. Gaining membership to the position is determined by being an active, friendly, positive and helpful member around the WolfQuest community forum while avoiding backseat moderation and following the Forum Guidelines.[1]

During each month, possible candidates are discussed among the moderators and administrators. When a suitable candidate has been decided, a topic is then posted in the General Other Topic Discussion forum announcing and congratulating that month's UotM as well as the candidate being granted a blue name and 'User of the Month' rank, usually starting from the first of that month. 

Becoming UotM is usually regarded as a first step towards becoming a moderator. This is not strictly true since not all moderators were Users of the Month prior to earning their green names, so the information should be taken as a grain of salt.


User of the Month was originally yellow.[2] To date, it has had only two unique avatars to be worn by its members per month. The first was made by Canidae[3] and the second one was made by Riceboy and chosen per popular selection as a winning poll option during 2011. See the Gallery.

At the beginning of April 2013, Kivia announced that "everyone" was User of the Month. It was later removed quietly during August 2013 by Rikkuzilla to conclude the April Fools' joke three months later. [4], though it has not been recreated ever since. It was reinstated on February 1st 2015[5] and will continue to run as it did in previous years.

Its new colour was decided by the community in a one week tally[6] and two week poll.[7]

Previous Users of the MonthEdit

A list of all past User of the Month members can be found here.

Batch #1Edit

  • 2008
    • January » No candidate.
    • Febuary » Eclipse
    • March » ChocolateRain
    • April » Rikkuzilla
    • May » Xo-Hope-oX
    • June » SarieBearie
    • July » Canidae
    • August » NatureGirl
    • September » Moonlight_tiger
    • October » DarkWalker
    • November » Maccork
    • December » Quivira
  • 2009
    • January » shadowwolf2234
    • Febuary » orangeonfire
    • March » Myarru
    • April » TheSpiritoftheWolf
    • May » Sintact
    • June » SolitaryHowl
    • July » Anduril
    • August » Blightwolf
    • September » DewFrost
    • October » April
    • November » Koa
    • December » Sheeba Wolf
  • 2011
    • January » Adalae
    • Febuary » Kipcha28
    • March » sparky_wolf
    • April » portia
    • May » Sambhur
    • June » oxoDestinyoxo
    • July » Kirave
    • August » DragonflySpirit
    • September » wolfloversk
    • October » Grin
    • November » failwolf56
    • December » BlackWarrior
  • 2012
    • January » wolf567
    • Febuary » Croix
    • March » No candidate.
    • April » LupinzPack
    • May » ZiAcadia
    • June » ZeRivet
    • July » No candidate.
    • August » DaniBeez
    • September » Edme1
    • October » Brista
    • November » No candidate.
    • December » A Joker's Curse
  • 2013
    • January » SoranofAvalor
    • February » Riceboy
    • March » La Striata
    • April » The Whole Community.

Batch #2Edit

  • 2015
    • January » No candidate.
    • February » falconxr
    • March » duskypack
    • April » CaffeineCollie
    • May » Keytone
    • June » Jeames
    • July » No candidate.
    • August » loboLoco
    • September » Aeva
    • October » Frodo1
    • November » No candidate.
    • December » roguemoon
  • 2016
    • January » No candidate.
    • February » twinlinskis
    • March » No candidate.
    • April » No candidate.
    • May » No candidate.
    • June » No candidate.
    • July » No candidate.
    • August » Pyjaks
    • September » No candidate.
    • October » howl-ite
    • November » No candidate.
    • December » No candidate.
  • 2017
    • January » No candidate.
    • February » No candidate.
    • March » No candidate.
    • April » No candidate.
    • May » No candidate.
    • June » No candidate.
    • July » No candidate.
    • August » PearlyReborn


Do not use avatars displayed in this gallery as you may receive a warning. Read the talk page. Do not add images to this gallery!

You can view the 2011 UotM avatar entries and poll results hereClick here to see the complete gallery.


  • The group's colour for the first batch was yellow, which was why it or its members were often referred to as a "banana" during their month-long membership.
    • On 1st April 2011, the UotM's yellow name was switched to the red associated with administrators. The moderators had a yellow name for the day.
    • On 1st April 2015, User of the Month was altered in three ways: It was renamed 'Stick of the Month', along with its rank and had its colour changed to lime.
  • The first batch -- ran from February 2008 until April 2013 -- had a total of 59 members from February 2008 up until March 2013. This total completely excludes the finale April Fools joke "members".
  • 24 members of the first UotM batch were later instated as moderators. wolf567 and SoranofAvalor were nominated while being moderators. 
  • This is the only group with a unique avatar that is not allowed to be worn as a regular member. The WolfQuest Anniversary group does not count due to it having an assortment of avatars in its own gallery, as opposed to having an avatar set upon default membership.
  • There was no User of the Month candidate for January 2008, March 2012, July 2012 and November 2012. 
  • A discussion is on-going with WQ staff regarding the possible return of User of the Month.[8]
    • On January 10th 2015, the Forum Suggestions topic was updated; previously listed as being 'in discussion', it now currently states 'working towards it!'. On the first of February, it was labelled as being completed. The usergroup is now visible on the usergroup legend once again.
    • On January 11th 2015, a tally was created, wherein users may suggest colours for User of the Month. One week later, a poll containing the most popular suggestions was created and will run until the first day of February. The final, winning result will be the new colour used when the group is reinstated.[9]
      • Neamara confirmed that User of the Month would return in February 2015.[10]


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