Vegetation was expanded with the introduction of version 2.7.2.


Douglas fir

There are now four shape variations for the Douglas fir tree.



Pinegrass (Calamagrostis rubescens) is a species of grass which is unusual in that it rarely flowers. It occurs in forest areas but only flowers under full sunlight in late June through August. Grizzly bears forage on pinegrass in the spring. Pinegrass is also utilized by black bear, white-tailed deer, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and elk. Douglas-fir/pinegrass and subalpine fir/pinegrass habitat types are used by boreal owls for nesting and roosting in the northern Rocky Mountains

Shrubs and Bushes


Snowberry (Symphoricarpos spp.) is a low-growing shrub. It joins pinegrass (Calamagrostis rubescens) and new rabbitbrush as understory vegetation and in open fields.


Rabbitbrush (Ericameria nauseosa) provides cover for small animals. Animals (like rabbits and hares) love its seeds and leaves. It flowers in August, so by the time fall comes around on Amethyst Mountain, the flowers have faded. In Slough Creek’s spring season, it is just a green bush. Rabbitbrush joins pinegrass and new snowberry bushes as understory vegetation and in open fields.


Spring Beauty

(Claytonia lanceolata) These short, delicate wildflowers have star-like clusters of white flowers. They earn their name because they are one of the earliest blooming wildflowers in Yellowstone, carpeting the forest floors and meadows in April. The bulbs of spring beauty are vital spring food for grizzly bears!

Sagebrush buttercup

(Ranunculus glaberrimus) This April bloomer provides lovely yellow flowers throughout Yellowstone, including open woodlands, shrublands, grasslands, and subalpine, and alpine meadows. Who doesn’t love a cheery carpet of buttercups?


(Besseya wyomingensis) Kittentails are another April bloomer in Yellowstone. These pink fuzzy flower stalks are found in grasslands, open forest, and fields at all elevations. The WolfQuest Team chose to include them due to their distinctive shape.




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