Not to be confused with WQ Coordinator or wq_admin.

WQ Project Coordinator, better known as Michelle was formerly the project coordinator of WolfQuest. She resigned in 2008 following her position in a new job[1]. Her affiliation appears to be defunct.

Before her position ended, Michelle took on the green name of a moderator while helping Cana before she moved on to her new job. Some time after her position was terminated, Michelle was permanently removed from the WolfQuest Team Members group.


Cana succeeded the project coordinator position shortly before Michelle's departure in late 2008.


Paw admin A WolfQuest Administrator from 2007 - 2008.
Paw mod A WolfQuest Moderator from 2007 - 2008.
Paw team A WolfQuest Team Member from 2007 - 2008.
Female This member is female.


  • Her current avatar was made by NatureGirl.

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