Produced by the Minnesota Zoo and eduweb

Released in October 2011

Project Leads

Project Director

Grant Spickelmier

Game Producer & Lead Gameplay Designer

David T. Schaller

Associate Producer & Simulation Designer

Steven Allison-Bunnell, PhD

Project Coordinator & Community Manager

Leah Darst

Michelle Housenga

Content Specialist

Jacquelyn Fallon

Software Architect/Lead Developer

Russell Lunsford

Media Assets

Art Director

Steven Allison-Bunnell

Character Modeling & Animation


Anton Golololobox - A2O Group

Joshua Seaver

Joe Morgan, Jr.

Steve Adamson - Gear Worx Productions

Drew Vaughan

Nithinaris Charuwatkul

Vegetation Modeling & Landscape Textures

Garen Rees

Sav Scatola

Joshua Seaver


Saurav Subedi

Interface Graphic Design

Steve Wagner

Music Director & Sound Design

David T. Schaller

Music Composer & Performer

Tim Buzza

Episode 2 Mission Art

Chenneoue (A. L. Wagner)

ara-tun (R.L.W.)


Windseeker (C. Wilson)

Unity Development

Mission Framework, Character AI, Controls, Networking & Everything Else

Russell Lunsford

Interface Layout & Coding

Steven Allison-Bunnell

Social Behaviors

Lucas Goss

General Scripting

Steven Allison-Bunnell

Ray Nothnagel

Original Control Concept

Samantha Kalman

Testing & Quality Assurance

David Schaller

WolfQuest Community Members

Russell Lunsford

Steven Allison-Bunnell

Natalia Elenina

Web Production

Paul Gardner

Clayton Black

Russell Lunsford

Steve Wagner

Content & Education Specialists

Project Advisory Board

Jack Grisham, Chair of the Canid, Hyaena and Aardwolf Taxon Advisory Group (TAG) for the AZA and Curator, St. Lous Zoo

Dr. Daniel R. MacNulty, University of Minnesota

Dr. L. David Mech, Senior Research Scientist, U.S. Department of the Interior

Kirsten Perez, Director of Education, Los Angeles Zoo, and representative of the American Zoo and Aquarium's Conservation Education Committee

Dr. Carol Saunders

For the International Wolf Center

Sharee Johnson

Andrea Lorek Strauss

Adriane Morabito

Lori Schmidt

L. David Mech


Minda Borun

Kate Haley Goldman

Jessica Koepfler


National Science Foundation ISE grant number 0610427

Best Buy Childrens Foundation

ADC Corporation

Friends of the Minnesota Zoo

Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community

Promotional Partners

International Wolf Center

California Wolf Center

Knoxville Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo

National Zoological Park (Smithsonian Institution)

Phoenix Zoo

Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Toronto Zoo

Yellowstone National Park

Wild Canid Survival and Research Center

WolfQuest community online:

Made with Unity (

Special thanks to Unity Technologies, in particular:

Joachim Ante
Nicholas Francis
David Helgason
Samantha Kalman

Copyright 2007-2015 Minnesota Zoo and Eduweb. All rights reserved. Unauthorized distribution is prohibited. WolfQuest is a registered trademark of the Minnesota Zoo and eduweb. |

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