WolfQuest V2.7.3 A revision and expansion of WOLFQUEST 2.5: Survival of the Pack

Game Producer and Level Designer

David T. Schaller

Lead Software Developer

Tommi Horttana

Additional Programming

Aaron Schie

Paul Zobitz

3D Artists

Steve Adamson

Benjamin Guerrero

Pete Moretta

Robert Nally


Tim Buzza

Production Assistance and Content Development

Susan Nagel

Movie Poster Art in Lost River

Main article: Easter Eggs

Elyse Panici

Juliet Manolias

Medeline Monroe



Beta Testers

See also: Usergroups/Beta Testers or Beta Testing.

Charlotte van der Made

Holly Conaway

Elyse Panici

Geo Schaller

Grant Spickelmier

Jenny Reichert

Juliet Manolias

Kaitlin Cox

Kirave (credited instead as Katserin Kynsi, their old username)

Madeline Monroe

Michelle Fernandes


Rebecca Meis

Steven Allison-Bunnell

Additional Thanks

For game advice and guidance from:

Dr. Dan McNulty, Utah State University

The WolfQuest Moderators

The WolfQuest Community

Geo Schaller

Grant Spickelmier

Leah Darst

Steven Allison-Bunnell, PhD

Wolf vocalization audio

Courtesy of:

The International Wolf Center

The Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Stewart D. MacDonald

Sound Dogs

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