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This article lists all known and official resources provided by the WolfQuest Team. This page exempts unofficial or non-verified resources which are instead available on any main pages linked within each applicable section of this article.

Social MediaEdit

Social media is fast becoming a method which may be used by developers to spread information about their products. WolfQuest is no different, though all official WQ social media resources are mostly handled by Eduweb. Content posted to these resources varies; the team and its representatives may opt to post updates about the status of the game and community forums, including promotions and events, or information relevant to the game's animals, environments, wildlife and fauna.  

Instant MessagingEdit


  • The Twitter account and Facebook group are both operated by Eduweb. (loboLoco and Pepper.)[1]
    • The Tumblr blog is operated by Neamara.
    • The Instragram account was operated by Masika. This fell inactive following the public release of 2.7 in November 2015.
  • The instant messaging (or real-time chat) services are provided by the moderators and are not maintained directly by WolfQuest Team Members. In general the rules for these are less strict, but age-friendly guidelines still apply. (E.g., no profanity., no politics or controversial subjects, etc.)


  1. • WQ on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram

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