Quick article set up as a troubleshooting page for common problems and issues. Feel free to contribute.

Missing or corrupted filesEdit

It's possible that the installation is corrupted or is missing files, which sometimes happens with updates. Identifying this problem: Models that are textureless. Can be solid white or magenta. May also extend to unusual or missing terrain and in most cases when a map is loaded up, a solid blue background replacing the skybox.


  • See if a redownload or consistency check (if the game was purchased from or Humble Bundle) from the launcher solves the issue. This should open before launching into WolfQuest; if it doesn't: for a Windows OS, navigate to Documents\My Games\WolfQuest and run WolfQuest-Win. For Mac OS, navigate to [ your username ]\My Games\WolfQuest and run WolfQuest-Mac.[citation needed] From there, click the cog/gear on the top right corner to access the redownload and consistency check options. If the game was bought or redeemed through Steam, instead open your Steam client, go to WolfQuest, right-click and select properties. Under the local files tab, click 'Verify integrity of game files'. For mobile devices, there is no launcher and no way to validate game files. Reinstall the game.
  • Ensure that graphics drivers are up-to-date.

Trapped or Stuck NPCsEdit

Occasionally, the AI might struggle to keep up with the player which may end up causing some behavioral quirks while the game attempts to recalculate the path used by an NPC. This may sometimes have undesirable effects, such as getting stuck inside or behind objects or even disappearing under the map terrain altogether. The former is more common in Lost River due to the amount of large objects and the increased use of colliders. This issue has been reported more often for the mate than for the player's slower-moving pups or any other NPC.

Identifying the problem: If the mate is not following, turn on nametags and track it to its location. If it has gone under the map (beneath terrain) or inside an obstacle or object such as a large boulder or building, it is most likely permanently stuck in those coordinates.


  • First, try circling around the NPC as closely as possible to see how it ended up in its current situation and to see whether or not it can be freed through normal gameplay.
  • If there is no clear entry or exit, there are no obvious breaks in the collider (walking into the object does not make you phase through or into it) and the mate is unable to return, create a manual save. Send this save to the developer via e-mail as an attachment with detailed information. The e-mail address:
  • Start a new game in the affected map if no restore point (manual save) exists.



  • A good example of an NPC's pathing can be observed by using the BCE Facility in Lost River if the player manages to bypass the wall and enter the grounds while they have a mate following them. The mate will quickly become confused and the game will attempt to recalculate a route so that it can continue to follow. As there is no way for the mate to legitimately enter the facility, it will run around the left wall to the side of the facility or into Hank's Ditch where it may run around or go idle.[citation needed] This behavior continues until the player leaves the facility and either waits for the mate's pathing to correct itself, bringing it back to the player, or until the player returns to their mate by themself.

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