The WolfQuest Team consists of three usergroups on the community forums and two developers.

WolfQuest CommunityEdit

On the community forum, there are three usergroups that represent the WolfQuest Team. These are as follows:

WolfQuest Team MembersEdit

Usergroups wqtmexample2

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Members who created or are involved with the development of the WolfQuest game and by extension, the founders and/or co-founders of WolfQuest. They are qualified to wear grey-blue usernames accompanied by the WolfQuest Team Member rank. 

These members are the employers or employees of Minnesota Zoo and Eduweb.

Current and Former MembersEdit

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For the category, see Category:WolfQuest Team Members.
  • Dave - loboLoco - Game producer and head at Eduweb.
  • Susan - Pepper - Educator and treasurer at Eduweb.
  • Steve - WileE - Former associate producer and former Eduweb employee.
  • Grant - ZooGuy - Former project lead and MN Zoo employee.
  • Michelle - WQ Project Coordinator - Former community lead and the first project coordinator. Former MN Zoo employee.
  • Cana - WQ Coordinator - Former community lead and the second project coordinator, having succeeded Michelle's position.

Status UnknownEdit

  • CLBailey - Wolf expert. Current affiliation unknown.
  • wolf11837 - Role and current affiliation unknown.
  • canis007 - Wolf expert. Current affiliation unknown.


Main article: Usergroups/Administrators

Members with red usernames are administrators. Those within the WolfQuest Team will use the WolfQuest Team Member rank.


Main article: Usergroups/Moderators

Members with green names are not directly part of the WolfQuest Team, but they are expected to positively and accurately represent them.[1]

The DevelopersEdit

The developers of the game are accredited to Eduweb and Minnesota Zoo.

Minnesota Zoo's role included community management, public relations, offering the educational content[citation needed] and possibly some of the events which occurred in past years (Wild Wolf EdVenture. wolf Q&A sessions and such -- this is unconfirmed) available on the website and other such tasks.

It is known that a majority of the game development was performed by Eduweb, such as programming, script writing, modeling and purchasing and implementing assets.


  • To date, only two of Eduweb's employees have actively administered the WolfQuest community forum.
  • The first known "main" Eduweb administrator was WileE.[2] It is probable that this status changed shortly after the game was released.[3] This information may be incorrect due to the limitations of what the wayback archive is able to provide.
    • The second known "main" Eduweb administrator is Dave. As of 2014, he is believed to be the current and fourth project coordinator, having succeeded Kristie.
      • As of 2016, Pepper works in conjunction with the above.
  • It is not possible to become a member of the WolfQuest Team Members usergroup without actually being an employee of Eduweb or Minnesota Zoo, though the former is much less implied due to Minnesota Zoo effectively ending their role with WolfQuest as of 2012.


  1. Proof in an old mod application topic showing the mod expectations, including leaks.
  2. As shown in an archive of the forum dated August 24th 2007. Proof.
  3. He is no longer a forum moderator at any point prior to the release date. Removal from forum moderation is thought to be due to the first batch of volunteer moderators being appointed around that time.

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