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Tip for Training Pups

You will see your pups for the first time. You must teach your pups to stay close by. When you are close to your pup, there will be a yellow howl head that tells you that you can pick up the pup and carry it. When the blue meter is all the way up, your pups will have learned. Special:Contributions/

Quick Training Method

An alternative method of training your pups involves spamming the howl key. In doing this, the blue bar will rapidly raise, completing the mission in a matter of seconds. ~Neam WolfQuest-logo 06:27, October 14, 2013 (UTC)

Training the Puppies

This is the first mission with your pups present. This involves teaching your puppies to stay near the den to minimize the amount of predator attacks. There are two methods of completing this. The slower, but slightly more efficient way is to pick up your pups and carry them back to the den repeatedly. But the quicker way involves "abusing" the howl key. It involves starting to howl, moving forwards or backwards slightly (without finishing the howl), pressing the howl key again, moving backwards or forwards slightly (without finishing the howl) and repeating until the mission completes itself. May 2 7:34